Moses was perfectly happy tending the sheep for his father-in-law in the country of Midian. He had no plans to change his future but God had other ideas. The instruction to lead the people of Israel was not part of Moses’s idea. It was God who did the calling. The fact that he was successful was due to God’s mighty power.

Others in the Bible have also been called. Gideon was threshing wheat in the wine-press when he received the call. Ambition wasn’t on his mind when he heard God telling him he was a ‘mighty warrior.’ In fact he turned on the Lord, ‘If the Lord was with us, why has all this happened.’ Here is a man accusing God, not one looking to lead a nation. Nevertheless with God’s leading he went on to lead the people of God against many nations.

Maybe Joseph was ambition but he was no good on his own, until God had tried him, moulded him and finally called him.God had wanted Joseph to gather His people in Egypt and Moses to lead them out.

Maybe we have great plans for evangelism but we first need to be called by God. ‘Unless the Lord builds the house the builders labour in vain.’ Psalm 127:1