I’ve found Zacchaeus a most interesting Biblical character. He was obviously a cheat and a fraudster. To be a tax-collector and rich, no way was he honest. Yet his desire to see Jesus was so great that he climbed a nearby tree to do so. Having had time to amass wealth, he would not have been a young man.Then when Jesus ordered him to come and invite Him to tea, Zacchaeus had no problem in obeying Him quickly and ‘gladly.’

After his generous offer, I imagine this tax-collector could have ended up quite poor. Straight away ‘here and no, he gave away half of his possessions and then paid back four-fold to anyone he had cheated.

If I gave away half my possessions my house would be quite empty (and I’ve not even cheated anyone financially!) I wonder what happened to Zacchaeus later on in his life.