When John the Evangelist had his visions on the isle of Patmos, he couldn’t find words to adequate describe what he was seeing. In my translation the word ‘like’ is used six times John knew the sight was so wonderful he could only use comparisons; what he was seeing defied description.

He saw someone ‘like’ the son of man, too terrifying for words. The hair was as white as anything he had ever seen, ‘like’ wool.The eyes were piercing and all-seeing ‘like’ a burning fire. His feet were ‘like’ bronze glowing in a furnace. His voice was monstrous ‘like’ a roaring waterfall. And His face was ‘like’ the brilliance of the shining sun.

No wonder we read that John fell down as if dead. God is still as great and mighty today. We often concentrate on a loving Farther, which He is, but He is also terrible and powerful.