Afternoon Tea

Yesterday I went to have tea with my friend. She is not very mobile these days. The bones in her back are crumbling and she is in considerable pain. As we got talking she recounted stories of her time in India as a teacher in a Christian school which was a number of decades ago.

I sat enthralled, a different place and a different era. The scenes came alive as she told of tale after tale. When I returned home I thought about the good influence she must have been in those days and the part she played in spreading the gospel. It is only too easy to look at the old and sick and not realize how they would have been when they were younger. They would have been at the thrusting edge of Christian work, their endeavours in the past laying the foundation for the heritage we have today and for the future.

It is good that God doesn’t just look at our present condition. He knows all about us and knows that our hearts still beat for Him.