New Phone

My mobile phone had become very slow in responding, so I organised to get a new phone. To be absolutely honest, my clever friend arranged for me to have a new phone. He knows all about the best deals. I’n not noted for my knowledge of technology! With my new phone I will be able to quickly send messages, receive messages, get into my website, e-mails and many many other things. Mobile phones are a comparatively new invention. I’m old enough to remember when it was necessary to walk down the road to a phone box to contact my friends!

Mankind is apparently so clever, we are now being threatened with the invention of A.I., with it’s blessings and curses. We feel we are so clever that there is no limit to what we can achieve. But there is a limit, a very real limit. We will not get ahead of what God is willing for us to discover. He knew all about these things since the beginning of time, in fact it was He who invented them, not us. When we take God out of the equation we will run into real danger. Mankind is only as clever as God permits us to be. And our knowledge is so very tiny.

Look at the heaven and the stars. Observe the wonders of nature and our inability to control storms, earthquakes and the climate. God is the all-powerful One, He made the earth and everything in it and He declared it very good.