‘I’m nearly six,’ my five year old young neighbour tells me every time I see him. Being six is obviously something to be attained to. My great-niece also has the same yearning to be older. ‘Next year I’m going to be a teenager. Then I can be difficult.’ Oh dear I see trouble coming there. I can remember longing to be 21, we didn’t have special eighteenth’s then. There were more things I was legally allowed to the special age of twenty-one.

By the time we reach our 40’s our attitudes change. Some people remain at 39 for a number of years! In our 40’s, 50’s and 60’s we try to pretend that we are actually younger. We don’t look forward to old age. Then a change comes with our 70′, 80′, and onwards. People begin to be proud of their age. I’m in my 80’s so I should know.

I wonder why we have such an obsession with age. Every season of life has it’s great blessings. God doesn’t see our age; God sees our heart. When people scurry through life they’re only hurrying towards death. May we enjoy every moment that God has given us. Every second is a gift.