This weekend my local football team earned a place to play at Wembley. The last time this happened was a number of years ago and I was thrilled to be there. This year I had to content myself by watching on a large screen in Carlisle with a many other people. The crowd was very enthusiastic, shouting and cheering when we scored a goal. I was quite blown away by the fervour shown. I know Bill Shankley once said, though this might be a misquot’e, Football is not a matter of life and death, it is more important.’

Of course, that’s not true. Yes, football is an important game, loved by some and tolerated by others. But on this Pentecost Sunday we are reminded what is really important. Football matches are won or lost, football clubs will come and go but the giving of the Holy Spirit is for Eternity. {We won the match!)