Complex Jesus

I find myself amazed at the complexity of Jesus. At one time we see Him as a teacher instructing the disciples as well as very large numbers of crowds. We are told He taught as ‘one having authority.’ Then we see Him taking little children in His arms and blessing them . He is gentle and loving showing the importance of these little ones.

He is not always sunshine and light; He shows His ire when He sees the misuse of the temple and tables are overturned and coins sent rolling across the floor. Another day Jesus is healing the sick , a young child, the blind, the crippled and restoring life.

Then under God’s allowance the body of Jesus is whipped and scarred and left to die on a cross. His mutilated body is then buried before the miracle of His resurrection and ascension. Our human eyes only see a small facet of His character. Imagine how much more wonderful it will be when we see Him face to face.