I am encouraged that our bodies will be perfect in heaven. My friend will be able to walk and I will be able to sing. Two attributes neither of us have at the moment. While our bodies will be perfect, the body of Jesus will not.

I know that the hands that Thomas wished to see will be scarred by the torture of the nails. But it is His whole body which will show the signs of His terrible ordeal. His ankles will be torn by the cruelty of the nails and His side will show the sword thrust. His back will be scarred by the beatings and scourging He received. Maybe His whole body will be distorted by the ordeal.

As Matthew Bridges says in his hymn Crown Him with many crowns – ‘behold His hands and side.’ And the even angels will be affected by the sight of Jesus ‘ ‘No angel in the sky can fully bear that sight,

but downward bends their burning eye at mysteries so bright.’

But how about us, He died for our sake.