So often we remember and comment on the times that people have been inconsiderate or unkind to us. We seem to be good at holding grudges. But in actual fact we receive more kindness than we ever care to remember. If we stop to recall the acts of consideration shown towards us, they are probably more than we can count.

Think of the door that was held open for us even when we were slow; or the driver who didn’t cut us up at a roundabout or one who didn’t beat us into a parking space which they might have claimed for their own. Consider the person who sends us an encouraging letter or thanks us in a text.

As a Christian we have a chance to pass these kindnesses on in the name of Christ. It’s just a matter of thinking of others first and not ourselves. I’m sure it wasn’t always easy for Mary and Martha to welcome Jesus, especially if all His friends came along as well. They showed kindness out of love.