Out of Breath

As life gets faster and more hectic we find ourselves literally getting out of breath. As we rush in and out of the car, dash to meetings and appointments, run the family and manage our jobs, our hearts can pound and we get out of breath. My heart recently has had periods of racing, I need to slow down.

Hurrying continually gives no thinking time, no recharging time and more importantly no praying time. If we have no time to think, how can we have time to adjust ourselves to prayer. We are are told prayer is only a breath away; let us use that time to pray. Jesus told His disciples, ‘Come you yourselves apart and rest awhile.’

A funny story from my youth. Our church had two retired missionaries who when asked to do anything to help replied, ‘We’re resting awhile.’ My brother and I called them ‘Rest Awhile’, or Miss Rest and Miss Awhile. Not to their faces, of course.