Righteous Anger

There is so much wrong in the world that it is easy to get angry. We think the politicians are not running the country well and we could do it better. The child in the garden next door is playing noisily while I’m trying to work and write. The person in front of me in the super-market queue takes for ever to pack everything away carefully and only then starts to look for their credit card. I really was in a hurry and wanted to get on.

Was I suffering from righteous anger? What right do I have to be cross? In spite of mistakes, the politicians are doing their best and with my small grasp of facts I couldn’t do a better job. Do I forget what it was like to be young, boisterous and noisy? When I was in single figures, my neighbours would have found me a trial. and when shopping one day this winter, I felt quite ill. I know I was slow and held up the queue.

‘Vengance is mine,’ says the Lord. I know I can rely on the Lord to deal with wrongdoers and as for my frustrations, I need to be more Christlike.