Walk Humbly with your God

‘What does the Lord require of you? To act justly and love mercy and walk humbly with your God.’ Micah 6:8. The Lord requires us to act justly. What does this look like? Maybe I shouldn’t use a cheap car wash as this could be employing slave labour. I need to look into the shops which sell very inexpensive clothing. Were these produced in sweat shops? But I also need to work out if it is better for these people to earn small amount rather than nothing. Could I take a little more interest in these problems by looking at the political implications?

‘To love mercy. What does this look like? Should I contact the police if I see or hear serious domestic abuse? What should I do if I witness a kid being bullied in the street? It would be too dangerous to intervene. What I did once was wander over innocently to the group to ask the way to the High Street. It defused the situation and the bullied kid ran away. No danger to me!

This Micah text is the motto of my city, but unfortunately they leave off the last five words. It rather makes me think, doesn’t it.