Missing the End

I couldn’t believe it! I had bought the book by one of my favourite authors at a second-hand bookstall. It was very tatty but I hadn’t read this one before and I had so many hours of enjoyment as I turned page after page. Would the villain get his just reward? Who would the heroine eventually find to be her soul-mate. Would it be the good-looking Ben or the rich Max? I got to the last couple of pages and disaster struck. The last page of all had been torn out. I would never know the answers to all my questions.

How unlike life for those of us who know and love the Lord. During our lives we will have ups and downs, joys and disasters like in my book. We won’t know until it happens if we will end up with our Ben or Max or somebody else. As I’ve said before, we don’t know how many weary ways or golden days we will have. But we do know the last page of our lives. . God has a place in heaven ready for us. There will be no more parting, pain or death. I thank God for the last page.