I wonder why God chose the colour green with which to clothe so much of nature. Although we have flowers clothed in beautiful colours, most plants are surrounded by green foliage. No green ever clashes. There are greens of every hue but no green ever jars against another; they all blend in together.

Not so in my life. I have a green jumper and green skirt but I can never wear them together, their greens completely clash. One is a bluey-green and the other a purpleish-green. The combined picture is not good. At the moment I’m thinking abut the colour even more as the carpet in the living room of my new bungalow is a pale green. How will I cope with new furnishings? Will the greens clash with my carpet? It’s not as if I can take the carpet to the shops to compare them. Maybe I should have the furnishings a complimentary colour. At present I have a green bedroom with floral curtains and bed linen. It works but I’m not sure if it would work in a living room.

We might emulate nature but we can never equal it. There is nothing more relaxing than walking in the woods or sitting in a meadow quietly absorbing every shade of green imaginable. God certainly got it right.