Full English

As I was at the hospital for an early appointment I decided to visit the restaurant for breakfast. I had become tired of cooking my same meals and this was a treat. Sausage, bacon, hash, baked beans, scrambled egg, mushrooms and black pudding. This was something I would never prepare for myself at home and it was also served by a most pleasant young lady.

I ended up giving thanks for my many blessings. I thought of the staff who cooked the meals so that visitors like myself and hospital staff could have enjoyable meals. I gave God praise that I could afford the meal and that I had a healthy appetite. I was grateful for a pleasant place to eat with the hum of other diners around me. I gave thought to those who couldn’t have this pleasure, the patients who couldn’t eat for health reasons. I also thought about those suffering in famine. SoI was able to give many thanks for my full English breakfast.