A Place to Meet with God

While on earth Jesus met His disciples and friends in various places. He met with them in the noise and bustle of the market place and on the mountain tops amid the quietness and solitude. He met with His disciples in the Upper Room for the Last Supper and in the agony of Gethsemane. On the road to Emmaus and at the empty tomb was He was also found.

We do not need a special place to meet and pray with God but many of us have marked out a special chair or room where we find communion with Him easier. Recently I have been using the comfortable chair in my living-room gazing out at the ever-changing sky and a group of trees framing the scene. In a few weeks time my place of pray will change as I move house. I don’t know yet where I will meditate and pray. One thing I do know is that God will be there, in fact He is already there before me. He will give me somewhere where I will be comfortable and relaxed. But like the disciples, I can equally meet with Him in the market place, mountain top, Emmaus or Gethsemane. He will remain with me.