The Mark of Cain

In Genesis we read of Adam and Eve being banished from the Garden of Eden and then in Genesis we read of Cain being banished by God for the killing of his brother. Abel. What a sad state of affairs; because sin made a swift and terrible entry into the world, strife, exiles and murder followed. As you turn over page after page in the Old Testaments you read of one atrocity after another. Even the terrible things that happen in the world today, probably also appeared somewhere in the Bible. It doesn’t make pleasant reading.

But the good news is that this is not the end of the story. The pages of the New Testament make happier reading, even though the stories of the early church in Acts tell us that the early Christians had their problems.. Death has now been conquered, sin has been banished.There is hope on every page. In the New Jerusalem the wrongs will be righted., justice will be done. In spite of our waywardness and the efforts of the devil, our story has a happy ending.