As I’ve moved into a new home, I now have new neighbours; oh, how I miss the old ones! Of course all my new neighbours are absolutely lovely, but there has to be one exception.

This dear lady never, ever listens. Her conversations are monologues. Even if I ask her a question, she continues on her own way. It is not a hearing problem either. It is almost impossible to get away from her and I frequently have to walk away in her mid paragraph. If it is loneliness, I’ve tried giving her quality time but it makes no difference.

When I was a young person, we had a trick for coping with such occasions. During the torrent of words, we would say ‘ I murdered my grandmother last night.’ There was never any response. As I’m in my 80’s now, I obviously can’t use that phrase any more.

Does God feel like that with us? Do we go on and on requesting but never listening? Is God waiting to speak to us but not able to get a word in edge ways?