Writing to God.

Having been rather busy lately and overwhelmed with jobs reminded me of a time a while ago when I was suffering from stres, which gave me several painful symptoms. My O.T. came to visit and she came up with various coping regimes. One was that i could write down my thoughts on paper. Music to my ears; I’m a writer and a Christian so I told her that every day I write my prayers to God.

I didn’t even think about what I’d said or realise that I was witnessing. It all seemed so natural. She seemed interested and asked if I kept my notebooks and looked back on what I’d written. I said no I didn’t back, I was always looking forward. Later I wondered why I didn’t tick off answered prayers. I know that God always answers prayer but that often the answer is wait. I don’t want to go along ticking off my prayers. I know they are in safe hands. My loving God will answer as He sees fit and meanwhile I will continue writing to Him.