Blessed are the Peacemakers.

I wonder what a peacemaker looks like. I don’t think Jesus was referring to the politicians. I believe it is a job for individuals. Nor is it likely to be a passive role. Peacemakers need to be seen to be active. Is it easier to be a peacemaker these days than it was in the time of Jesus? Could it considered to be a role for weak people?

Peacemakers need to be seen. They will not always be popular; some people thrive on diversity and conflict. Peacemakers are considered to ‘pour oil on troubled waters.’ They need to speak out against injustice and to make their opinions heard. There will seldom be indications that our peaceful roles will be brought into play. Often there will be little warning. A situation will suddenly arise and we will need to be ready.

So Jesus said that the peacemakers would be called the children of God. Again, what will that look?