A Wedding

Very recently I went to a wedding, which is not a common occurrence at my age. It was of a young lady I had been corresponding with since she went to uni a few years ago, she was marrying another member of our church. The best thing about the marriage is that they are two young Christian but the next best thing was that they were so radiantly happy, which was infectious to the whole congregation. I’ve never been to a ceremony with so much clapping and cheering; nothing austere about the day although they were talking it very seriously. Their lives and futures were all dedicated to God.

When I sold my house recently I sold to a young couple who had only been married a year. They are both Christians and are leaders of the youth in our church. These youngsters and others like them, are the hope for the future of Christianity in our country. They are strong, fit and eager with an eagerness that only the youth seem to have. Don’t listen to the dismal stories about the church of the future. When we are gone they will be leading it; God never leaves Himself without witnesses. Because it is God’s work the church will never die.