God is Trustworthy

We read in Nehemiah 13:13 that four trustworthy men, a priest, a Levite, a scribe, and a layman of rank, were chosen because they were trustworthy to distribute supplies to the needy. A similar thing happened in Acts 6:1-5 when seven brothers were chosen to distribute food to the widows who were being overlooked. There is every reason to believe that these tasks were carried out faithfully.

We know that this is not always the case. What has happened to the phrase, ‘My word is my bond.’ On so many occasions people do not keep their word. I write this as once again I am waiting for a a promised workman and a phone message to be answered. When the errant person is contacted the answer can be ‘I had something else to do.’ Could a phone call not be made to explain? The phone is a wonderful invention!

We have a Heavenly Father who never breaks His word; His word is truly His bond. Throughout the whole of history God’s word has been reliable. His promises have been sure and trustworthy.