To Give and Receive

I’ve been reminded of the story of George Muller who cared for thousands of orphaned children in the Bristol area. For a number of decades these children were fed, clothed, cared for and brought up in the Christian faith. The remarkable thing is that Muller never asked for money, he prayed and the Lord provided, time and time again.

For a number of years I had the priviliege to be involved in such a children’s home. We never appealed for money, we just prayed and it came in. I heard of many stories in the past where a non-existent breakfast had been prayed for and it had arrived. Funds were low for clothes for the young girls and a shop gave of their surplus, all without knowing of the need. I myself witnessed many such miracles.

Do we always give when the Lord nudges us? Do we say we need the money ourselves and be unwilling to give to God? It isn’t only money we can give, we can give time, visiting the sick, love, loving the unlovely or a listening ear. The Bible tells us ‘He gives a good measure, pressed down and shaken together and running over.’ Luke 6:38