Prince of Light

The other evening I did something I hadn’t done since lockdown. Three of us went to the local cinema. We saw the West End musical ‘Prince of Light’. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and a visit I plan to repeat. (though not too often as it was expensive but not as expensive as London.)

Knowing the story of Moses well I was interested to see how they would tackle the story. Of course, it was produced as a box office draw, and not from a religious point-of-view. There was nothing I objected to at all as it was all produced very sympathetically. There needed to be a love interest but the Bible doesn’t give us much detail in that respect.

Great emphasis was made that Moses grew up with the future Pharaoh as his brother and the problems that would cause. Again that was quite possible historically; it wasn’t mentioned in the Bible as it wasn’t important in the life of Moses.The choreography was completely brilliant, the most memorable part being the parting of the Red Sea and the return of the waters. The brilliance of the dancing will stay in my mind for a long time.