Disturbed Nights

As I’ve had a lot going on recently, my mind has been full and I’ve had a job sleeping. But in a strange way this has been a blessing. It has meant that the sleepless hours during the night can be spent in prayer. I’ve found there is so much to pray for. I have a short list of about ten people who are very much in need to prayer. Some don’t yet know the Lord and these I’m able to pray for every night. Others who are Christians are going through very hard times, coping with a parent suffering with dementia and a couple with an almost impossible house move with many legal problems.

Then I begin thinking about the day that has passed and the people I’ve spoken to or spent time with. Even those in good situations can be prayed for and those in difficult position prayed for even more. I’m able to reflect on the many blessings I’ve received and give thanks to God for them. I can spend time confessing my mistakes of the past day. My worries and concerns are then brought to the Lord.

This has become a very precious time to me and I usually get about four hours sleep before I wake and start praying. Of course, I often drift off to sleep during my praying time but my disturbed nights are not badly affecting me, rather I eventually wake feeling refreshed.