In for the Long Haul

Sometimes out Samaritan-acts are one-offs, other times they can be acts which last for years. I’m thinking for the work my church do for the down and outs, the homeless and the sofa-serfers. What a said phrase, ‘down-and-outs’. People are ‘down’ and then they become ‘outs’, out of society and out of mind.

Every Monday evening our church provide a meal and medical services as required. The meal is cooked to a high standard by a rota of people plus occasionally other volunteer charities. Medical help is offered by our large group of medical professionals.

Our guests can sit and eat in a noisy room or in the quieter room. There is also a chance for take-away meals; Some people can’t cope with other people. During the week one of our men shares his allotment which gives emotional healing while working with the soil. Our visitors often have drug or alcohol dependency accompanied by mental conditions.

Our help is not once or occasionally but for the life for these poor unfortunate people. Because of their life of neglect their life-span is often cut short.