Not trying to Please Men.

How hard it is not to try to please others when all we should be doing is to please God. Mankind is so fickle and one minute people will like us and the other they will turn away from us. To please men is only to boost our own ego. Jesus spoke very strongly against the Pharisees when they displayed their holiness in front of others. Jesus even said they had their reward now.

How often do we say, at least to ourselves. ‘What will they think?’ Who are the ‘they.’ When i recently found my Christmas card lists for previous years, I realised the list would be very different this year. Some of the people have died, or I’ve lost contact with them as I’ve moved house twice within the last few years. Where are the people i tried to impress then? They probably don’t even remember me.

Our all-powerful God is the one we need to please; He has the ultimate control of our destiny. All people are sinful like ourselves and although we have a responsibility towards them, they too are on the journey of life. .