Seated Exercise

I now go to a class of seated exercise each week. I was worried that it would only exercise my upper body but fortunately there is excercise for every part of me. Starting with the top of our heads we move down to where we wriggle and excerise our toes. I confess that mine don’t move much. At the end of the 45 minutes I’m quite exhausted and enjoy the piece of cake and drink which follows.

Is my spiritual life as well exercised? It is not much use exercising some parts and neglecting others. If we omit the parts we find difficult we will be spiritually unbalanced. We need prayer, study of the Bible and mixing with other Christians. Prayer will be listening and speaking with God. We spent time with our friends to get to know them better, how much more do we need time spent with God. By studying the Bible we will be reading the letter God has given us. It is full of the advice and guidance we need. Christian fellowship will lessen the impact of the world and its influences. Our Christian friends can share their wisdom with us. May we never be unbalanced in our Christian walk.