Talking to teenagers I’m always learning something new. Apparently N.P.C. stands for ‘non-player character. As it refers to people they do not particularly like, I think it is a terrible phrase. It just writes people off as being of no account. To use the word ‘non’ usually has a negative connotation, anyway. ‘I don’t like you, you’re a N.P.C.’

To be written off like this is so damning. No wonder there are so many suicides. No-one is a non-player character. Everyone has worth and is of importance. I grew up with a negative opinion of myself as I was taught I was of no worth and my life would never amount to anything. If I am not careful that is still my opinion of myself. But with hard work I’ve made a success of my life and now consider myself as good as anyone else. If I’d been described as a N.P.C as a teenage, it would have crushed me.

But as a Christian I’m loved by God, so much so that He died for me and for everyone who believes in Him. I’m a beloved daughter of the King of King and a child of God.