Dear Lord,

As we thank You for the gift of time which provides us with a past, present and future, we ask for ourselves and for others to have enough time; time to pray and to listen to You, time to think Your thoughts and obey Your will.

May I have enough time for others and their needs, so my life is not concentrated on myself. May my time be spent for Christians and those who don’t yet know You, in the correct proportions.

While we still have this gift, may we use it to the full before the time arrives when time will be no more and when in the later day we have to give an account to You of how we spent this commodity. May we not be ashamed.

Minutes, days, months, decades make up this elusive thing which we can’t rewind, it is literally here today and gone tomorrow. Like all Your gifts it is not to be squandered but used and treasured.

God of time and timelessness we pray this in Your name,