What do we depend on for our happiness? It is so easy to grasp unsubstantial and fleeting things. Our happiness can’t rest in our health. As we get older parts of our bodies wear out and the number of pills we take and the visits to the hospital increase. We don’t appreciate the good health we do have until it diminishes. Relying on good health is not the way to happiness.

Our happiness cannot stem from our family and friends. We are thankful for them as they walk beside us in our lives. But our dependence mustn’t be on them. Sadly friends can hurt and let us down. Family members can die. To fully depend on these people is like leaning on a frail reed instead of a strong stick. Nor can we trust in money; prices rise, savings diminish and the things we purchase will not always fully satisfy. A shortage brings worries and an abundance brings other kinds of worry. Money is not the answer to our searching.

We need something that will never let us down; we hope for somebody who is utterly reliable. We have it! Because we have God, we have all we need.