My Way/Your Way

I’m a great person for making lists. My to-do list had become important to me. (I have a friend who when they have completed one task, makes a new list omitting the finished task. I’m not as bad as that!) But I found that I was depending on my list too much and the day didn’t always go the way I’d planned it. I found that i was resenting things that intruded into my carefully planned time and became upset when people wanted my attention.

This was until I realised that I’d got it all wrong. I still make to-do lists but the first item is always ‘Ask God what His plans are for my day.’ Acting outside His will is a waste of time, because He sees the whole picture and knows what is best for me and others. He alone knows who needs my help or a listening ear during any particular day. God is aware of what mishaps may happen to me and He alone can prepare me.

I now wake up not knowing what the day may bring but knowing that I have a God who is in control and has planned the best for me. It is so exciting to be in God’s hands.