Looking in the Wrong Place

My friend from Japan is always getting lost on our British roads. One day she was most indignant. ‘They had no right removing the sign.’ When pressed she explained, ‘There used to be a sign at the roundabout, directing one to the hospital. Now it’s gone.’ After further investigation, it was discovered the sign was still there but she was at the wrong roundabout.

How like mankind as a whole. We look for God in the wrong place. Is God to be found through money and possessions? This begs the question, how much money is enough? Money can be lost, possessions can be depleted. Is our salvation through our friends and family? We’ve said so many times before, they can die, move or let us down. Being thought important and having a prestige can easily float away. Ask any politician or person in a place of leadership. The general public are fickle. Today’s heroes can be tomorrows villains.

The right place to look for happiness, salvation and fulfillment is with God. Nowhere else is the right place.