Not Even 40 minutes.

Moses spent forty days and nights with God on Mount Sinai; no wonder his face shone. I realise how difficult I can find it to spend even forty minutes with God. So many thoughts flit though my head which do not involve connecting with God. My thoughts are completely inconsequential and don’t need to be thought at that time.

We want people to see Jesus in us but the only way that will happen is spending more time in His presence. I can despair of myself. The devil is wily, even invading my time of prayer and contemplation. The more I struggle the less I seem to succeed. The truth is I can’t do it in my own strength; I am too weak and feeble. Help is needed.

The help of the Holy Spirit is what is needed. Until the time comes when our ‘faith will become sight’ when our whole being will be centred on God, divine intervention is needed.