When to Witness

I’ve just started to become friendly with a new neighbour, Audrey, that I’ve begun to meet on the bus. Taking the conversation very slowly I had been able to tell her I was a Christian. She had been to Sunday School when she was a child but had fallen out with church. I noticed that when she spoke to others on the bus, she spoke roughly to them but became respectful when speaking to me.

I had hoped to meet her on future occasions and gradually speak to her more about my Lord. Then I learned that she had moved away and i wouldn’t be seeing her anymore. I felt guilty that I hadn’t spoken more firmly about my faith but realised that it was friendship evangelism I had been working on, though obviously not with Audrey. Then I looked at the matter logically.

I would not have been the only link in the chain of her learning more about You. I was probably just the smallest one in a list of many. Then, it is the work of the Holy Spirit to convict. Everything I said or left unsaid was of no consequence. As I had always prayed about the matter I knew God had directed me and I could safely leave the matter with Him.I do miss Audrey.