Letter Writing

Is letter writing going out of fashion these days? Texts and emails are quicker forms of communication, but not so durable as they tend to get lost somewhere on the phone. I suppose even love letters are sent by text these days! Fortunately I have a stash of love letters tied up with a pink ribbon and fading at the edges. I still have the last and only letter which my mother wrote to me shortly before she died.

History has thrown up letters of importance. Henry VIII wrote letters to Anne Boleyn while still married to his previous wife. Martin Luther King wrote many important letters from prison. Probably most poignant have been the letters written from the trenches, which were kept and treasured for many years, especially if they were a final communication.

Today we probably only receive the letters which accompany Christmas cards. It is exciting to realise that a friend or relative has taken the time to sit down and keep us up to date with their news. With a physical letter we can take it out and read it again and again.

As a writer I write a letter each day to God. I find it easier to express my feelings and thoughts by actually putting them down on paper. Being Christians the greatest letters we have are in the Bible. We can read them and study them every day. At each prayerful reading we will receive more wisdom, guidance, comfort and love. As it says in the psalms ‘Thy word in light to my feet.’