Outward Appearances

I enjoy reading the story of God choosing David to be king of the Israelites instead of his older brothers. Any one of them looked the part to be the leader but God could see into their hearts Their characters were revealed when they admonished David for being at the battle scene and then slaying the mighty Goliath.They only considered him to be their young brother. I wonder if they were jealous when David emerged as the victor.

Do we judge by outward appearances? Do we bother about the colour of people’s skin, their untidy hair or bent backs? I have the blessing of having very good hearing and often hear people make comments about me when they think I am out of their hearing. Sometimes it is a good comment and I am happy; at other times it is not so complimentary and I take note and correct my ways where possible. But in all of this they don’t know my inner self, only God knows that.