As we approach the Christmas season with all it’s excitement and celebration we think of those for whom Christmas will be a sad time. Those who are alone with no family or probably worse those who are estranged from the family they have. We think and pray for those who are refugees who are far away from family and country.. Many refugees don’t know where they will be sent. We think of those sleeping on cold pavements or in leaky tents. When the shops are shut they can’t get a few pence to spend on a hot coffee.

We can’t help all those who need our help; there is more need than we can ever cope with, but we have a God who sees and cares. Although we can’t help everyone, maybe there are just one or two who can receive our hospitality and love. In many cases a smile and a kind word will lift someone’s spirit. We will never know how far these small gestures will go. We have a loving Saviour, may we show His love.