New Beginnings

I’m so grateful that ‘new every morning is God’s love.’ I go to bed realising that I’ve mucked up once again. I’ve not kept the resolutions I made the day before. I’ve done all the things I vowed not to do – lost my temper, been selfish, gone my own way and not the Lord’s. The list could go on and on, failure and defeat.

When I wake each morning I recall my failings of the previous day. As I make my new resolutions I know I won’t keep them. I could despair until I recognise that once again I’m acting under my own strength and once again that doesn’t work. Fortunately God has a short memory and doesn’t keep a record of all my past sins. He doesn’t remember that I’ve failed again and again and God gives me another chance each time. Once again He gives me that chance to follow Him more closely day by day. The dawning of the new morning will give me the opportunity to love Him more dearly. And He doesn’t leave me to struggle on my own, He sends the Holy Spirit to help me.