My Garden

Any lack of gardening knowledge on my part is made up by my enthusiasm. Now I’ve moved from my large garden with the four lawns to a bungalow with only one small lawn. I find that round the edge of the lawn is ‘planted’ a border of small stones which go down to a depth of six inches and completely cover any soil. Obviously the previous owner was too old to cope with any gardening but has left me with a problem.

With help I’ve cleared a border of about two yards and have planted nearly 100 daffodil bulbs. We’ve also scattered poppy and forget-me-not seeds. I’ve planted a few of my raspberries bushes and a small white rose bush. As well as my very weedy lawn I’ve inherited a hydrangea bush and a small red fuchsia. The birds don’t yet recognise my bird table, but I will be patient. I long for next spring when I hope to encourage butterflies and bees. I want my dead and ‘foodless’ garden to come alive.