Tears are Prayers

I pray that I may never lose the ability to cry. It isn’t that I want gushing crocodile tears but just ones that are described as ‘a tear in my eye.’ We hear of sad tragic stories, we read of the horrors of war and on our own doorsteps we notice little human sadnesses. These tales tug at our heart-strings.Our minds contract and a pricking is felt behind the eye.

We pray that we may always be moved to compassion, there is no shortages of troubles in this world. In many cases there is nothing or little we can do. Often we are not even sure how to pray.We read Psalm 56 that our prayers are so precious to Him that He puts them in a bottle.

We have a good example in Jesus, when we read that He wept. His heart was moved with compassion when He was here on this earth. What a privilege it is for us also to weep. In our tears we know that we are no alone. We weep for the world; Christ weeps for the world. Our sorrows are His sorrows. With the hymn-writer we can say, ‘could our tears for ever flow,’ for ourselves and for the world.Jesus didn’t just weep, He came and redeemed.