King of Kings

Here in the UK we are used to the idea of having a monarchy. I was born during the beginning of the reign of a king and after about 15 years on his death, he was replaced by his eldest daughter. After more than seventy years, she died and again we had a king, her eldest son. Most people, though not all, are in favour of a monarch but here they have little power to run the country. Recently all our kings and queens have been good people.

Unfortunately that hasn’t been true in many countries in the world. Some kings have been dictators and ruled their people with a rod of iron. To have such a king must make it difficult to imagine the King of Kings being the Saviour of the world. Revelation 17:14 tells us that our God is King of Kings and Lord of Lords and with Him will be His called, close and faithful followers. He is to be worshiped and adored, not rejected and feared.

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