Christmas Day – Light in the Darkness.

The theme of light has pursued me this Christmas, right up to Christmas Eve. As I’ve recorded before, so many of my reflections and studies this season have been reflecting on light, the ‘light of the world.’ Like many people my past year has had darkness in it. I’ve spent more time than usual being unwell, I’ve had a house move which has meant loosening the ties of my old friends and forming new relationships. I have known bereavements and heartaches, though I readily admit my sadnesses are slight compared to many.

The light theme was re-enforced when i went to a Carol Service on Christmas Eve which was entitled ‘Light in the Darkness.’ The service started in almost complete dark and then as each carol was sung, or reading read, the light was slowly increased. Now we have turned the corner, Christ has come into the world as a baby, then a preacher and finally as a Saviour to save us from our sins and lead us to the eternal light which can never be extinguished.

We will continue to have dark paths during 2024 but we won’t be walking the pathway alone, Christ goes before illuminating the way.