What Can I Give Him?

‘What can I give Him, poor as i am? If i were a shepherd, I would bring a lamb.’ I think of a local philanthropist whose wealth benefited many. As the owner of a large building firm he built many thousands of houses and buildings. He established a number of trusts which after his death helped many. I think of my friend and neighbour who is skilled with the needle and helps us by making curtains and altering clothes. Another neighbour is very good at baking and we are often presented with the results of her culinary efforts.

I’m not a builder, seamstress or baker. In all these respects I am a complete failure. But I am a great believer that everyone has a talent or gift. In the parable of the talents, the men had ten, five or one gift respectively. There was no-one who had no talent. It is our life-work to discover what our gift or even gifts are. With practice over the years our gifts will become more worthwhile. Whether they are large or small, their value is in giving them back to God for His service. He will use and multiply them. Remember another parable, the feeding of the Five Thousand.