Time to Listen

Anyone who has reached old age will know only too well the disadvantages. With old age comes less mobility, more pain, failing of mind or body and a general feeling of wearing out. But I can assure you there are many advantages. Firstly, we all know people who haven’t had the privilege of reaching their three score years and ten. One of the many pluses is that no longer do others have high expectations of us, which we can’t attain to. No longer are we CEO’s or world leaders. I still can’t get used to people offering me a seat on the bus, it used to be the other way round.

One of the greatest blessings is having time to listen to people. Three times recently people have gone out of their way to spend time with me and share their problems and worries. Maybe they didn’t want to burden families or maybe the family was the problem. I can’t say I’ve given any special words of wisdom or wonderful advice, but I’ve just listened. I have had the time. Sometimes we have been able to pray together and sometimes I’ve prayed for them later. Jesus is our example, He had time to listen to the woman at the well.