Lockdown Memories

Covid is still around in our country and indeed around the world. Sadly many are suffering with the long term covid effects and it is still necessary to take precautions. As recently I was thinking back as to how I coped, I wondered how we all got through that period. Maybe it was because we didn’t know how long it would last, or did that make it worse? How we longed for normality!

I found solace with my camera as well as occasionally visiting a couple who were my bubble. I’m pleased to say I never broke any rules but when allowed I visited many of my friends and photographed their gardens. I later had them printed and it is now fun to look back on these photos and see how these gardens have changed.

Outside the house where i then lived was a large tree which I photographed through every month of the year. It helped me to realise that the months were passing and God was still in control. Looking back through all these photos I have mixed feelings. I can no longer go back my much photoed tree, but have new trees where I am now. I do wonder how we survived and trust we will never have to go through that trauma again. I thank God for His provision of the beauties of nature.