‘When we trust God, life will not break us.’ When I read these written words, my heart rejoiced. Like all of us I’ve had times when life has nearly broken me. I remember one time when I paced my bedroom saying to myself over and over again. ‘I will not be broken.’ I was 42 and was nearly overcome. I am now more than twice that age and do you know what, I wasn’t broken, God pulled me through.

Since that time I’ve become a published writer, overcome various health problems and am able to witness of God’s faithfulness to others. I’ve moved house five times, retained my old friends and made new ones. That’s not a bad record of God’s faithfulness.

God has been with me all the way, leading, guiding, loving. Sometimes I have been more faithful than others; sometimes I have strayed a little and taken my eyes off Him. But unfailingly God has been there, He has never waivered.