Amazing Mazes

As adults we will all have led children through mazes made of high bushes or walls. We will be following a certain pathway thinking it is the way out only to discover it is another dead end. Sometimes with our adult logic we wil be able help the bemused child but sometimes we are just as confused as they are.

Mazes sometimes remind me of life. All is going well then we hit a blank wall. Nothing goes right and we don’t know which turning to take. I think of people in the Bible who were perplexed, Abraham, David, the disciples and many more. For them life wasn’t a straight road, it had many twists and turns. Some of my friends are bewildered by unexpected events that have overtaken them. Things are not working out as they had planned.

What we all need is to put our hand into the hand of God. We aren’t wise enough, or tall enough to see the way ahead. God not only knows the way, He is the Way. In His love He will sort out life’s mazes for us. ‘My God knows the way through the wilderness, All I need to do is follow.’Jessica Fortenberry