What does Your Church Believe?

What a question! What an opportunity! How we long to have the chance to witness, yet what a surprise when it happens. I was asked this question by a taxi driver when i explained my destination was a particular church in the city centre. I had prayed that during that week I would have the opportunity to share my love of God with someone. I never thought it would be a taxi driver who became my captive audience just 15 minutes

My words for the rest of the journey were controlled by God. It was not my eloquence that was being used but God’s. They were words that this driver needed to hear which couldn’t have been mine, I knew nothing about this woman; God knew everything. Fifteen minutes is not long; i had to be concise. She didn’t need to know about the furnishings of the building, she needed to know that Jesus died for her sins. I now pray for her regularly.